Research Report: Multi-document summarization (Bar Chart View)

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Mining Depth: documents
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Multi-document summarization 74%
text summarization 32%
multi document summarization 19%
Google Scholar 13%
natural language processing 10%
document summarization 10%
news articles 10%
Article Metrics 10%
automatic text summarization 10%
Computer Science 10%
text mining 6%
Text Extraction 6%
multiple documents 6%
automatic summarization 6%
Recommended articles 6%
Citing articles 6%
registered trademark 6%
Extractive summarization 6%
sentence extraction 6%
Go back 6%
email address 6%
Video player 6%
Live streaming 6%
Vimeo Create 6%
International Journal 6%
Natural language 3%
Disambiguation page 3%
single document 3%
King Saud University 3%
Na´ve Bayesian Classifier 3%
input documents 3%
Na´ve Bayesian 3%
word frequency 3%
automatic text summarization approach 3%
timestamp concept 3%
document summary 3%
Input Document 3%
Sentiment Analysis 3%
Data set 3%
information retrieval 3%
Link Analysis Based 3%
Rhetorical Relations 3%
Computational Linguistics 3%
Intelligent Text Processing 3%
link analysis 3%
based Method 3%
Information Technology 3%
Content Selection 3%
Publicly Accessible Penn Dissertations 3%
AppendPDF Pro 3%
python train 3%
path DATA 3%
path VOCAB 3%
path MODEL 3%
file LOG 3%
PATH -inter 3%
Iterative Residual Rescaling 3%
statements redundant 3%
Wiley Online Library 3%
Orienteering Problem 3%
MMS task 3%
Proposed Textual Graph Based Model 3%
Arabic Multi-document Summarization 3%
Advanced Computer Science 3%
textual graph 3%
IGI Global 3%
Graph Text Representation 3%
Importance Refinement 3%
Knowledge Understanding 3%
document collection 3%
reference Ledeneva 3%
frequent sequences 3%
extractive text summarization 3%
?51 CrossRef 3%

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