Clustering Engine Service

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Service Parameters

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Data Type

Default Value


The label attached to the root node for your taxonomy. If not specified or zero-length, the label "Root Node" is used.


"Root Node"


A data structure comprising a concatenation of the individual instance data to be clustered into a hierarchical data structure (taxonomy). Then clustering engine returns an taxonomy conforming to the Freemind version 0.8.1 XML format. Each record in the expected data structure takes the following form (see example above):

Page URL or unique ID (Mandatory value, should be unique for each record)<FIELD>Text snippet (Can be zero-length; however, highly recommended as it used by the clustering engine to select or discard low-occurrence concepts)<FIELD>Space delimited list of concepts or tags (multi-word tags should use underscore rather than space). Mandatory value - these concepts or tags are what is actually clustered by the service<RECORD>


Not applicable (required value)