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The Ultimate Research Assistant is an advanced Internet knowledge mining technology. To use this tool, simply type in the name of a topic and click the Generate Research Report button. The tool will perform research on your topic and generate a concise research report summarizing your topic.

The Ultimate Research Assistant auto-generates detailed research reports and podcasts on virtually any topic you can think of. Think of it as "Google meets Wikipedia" or "Google meets CliffsNotes."

The Ultimate Research Assistant uses traditional search engine technology and patent-pending multi-document summarization techniques to help researchers quickly familiarize themselves with information contained in the diverse cluster of documents returned by a typical search engine. The Ultimate Research Assistant's software actually "reads" and interprets the documents in the underlying search results and writes a concise yet comprehensive report summarizing your research topic, rather than the long list of document links returned by the typical search engine.

The Ultimate Research Assistant also provides sophisticated theme / concept visualizations of your research topic including mind maps, tag clouds, and bar charts. It provides tools for drilling down for more detail into specific themes and concepts, and performing secondary searches on specific sub-topics.

For enterprise customers, the Ultimate Research Assistant is an excellent technology for adding intelligence and "serendipity" capabilities to existing knowledge management products, such as search engines, portals, blogs, wikis, tagging / social bookmarking services, content management systems, messaging / email / collaboration systems, and other products.

The Ultimate Research Assistant can integrate with existing KM systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint and FAST Search Server, Google Search Appliance, Apache Lucene, and other products. It exposes an XML-based web service API for seamless integration with virtually any enterprise system. It is also available on multiple devices, including mobile devices such as the iPhone.

The Ultimate Research Assistant is a robust, proven technology, having been deployed to the Internet since 2007 and used by thousands of students and professional researchers in over 160 countries/territories worldwide. Andy Hoskinson LLC, a veteran-owned small business located in Fairfax County, VA, markets the Ultimate Research Assistant to commercial companies as well as public sector clients such as Federal, State, and Local Government agencies.

Please contact Andy Hoskinson (andy at ultimate-research-assistant dot com) if you are interested in licensing this technology as a stand-alone product or for integration into your enterprise knowledge management application or OEM product. You can also test drive our product on the web at http://ultimate-research-assistant.com/.

Arabic-language multi-document summarization using the Ultimate Research Assistant

Biomedical text mining using the Ultimate Research Assistant

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